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Physics 261:

Structured Fluids

Winter, 2013

Aim of course

To explain the distinctive properties of large structures in fluids such as colloids, polymers and surfactant assemblies, as inferred by physical laws and as measured by physical techniques. These distinctive properties characterize what has come to be called "soft matter." They occur in living organisms and in much practical technology. We shall emphasize behavior that occurs independent of whether the system is living or not. These fluids obey powerful and general laws in the limit where the structural elements become asymptotically large. These laws govern how the characteristic spatial dimensions, response times and interaction energies of these structures scale with the number of atoms in these structures. In this way we account for robust features such as the growth of the viscosity of a polymer solution with the cube of the molecular weight, or the growth of the size of a wormlike micelle as the square root of the concentration.


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